The Artistic Team

Gabe Salazar
Artistic Director

Anthony Cabrera
Assistant Conductor

Edwin Neimann
Principal Accompanist

Christopher Toth

Kevin Combs

James Smith
Production Designer

Scott Hindley

Board of Directors

Rick Vaughan
Board Chair

Mimi Pink
Board Vice Chair

Michael Foley

Bill Elliott

Fred Boykin
Chorus President

Larry Small
 Chorus Rep.

Adam Barber

Glen Jack

Bill Spinosa

Josel Suarez

Boggy Wang

Kerry Waldee

Chorus Leadership Team

Fred Boykin
Chorus President

Tony Corrente
Chorus Vice President

Michael Foley

Jonathan Sanz

Bill Spinosa
Vice President of Membership

Bob Thompson
Vice President of
Community Relations

John Lewis
Vice President of Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion

Dustin Ewing
Tropical Wave Administrator

Doug Ferguson
Tenor 1 Section Administrator

Rick Heal
Tenor 2 Section Administrator

Joe Fletcher
Baritone Section Administrator

Aubrey Williams
Bass Section Administrator


Mark B. Kent

Executive Director

(954) 763-2266, ext. 109

Doug Leib

Office Manger

(954) 763-2266, ext. 110

Ron Smith

Director of Sponsorship & Marketing

(954) 763-2266, ext. 107

GMCSF Honorary Advisory Council

Council Chair: Harvey Shaprio
Louis Benvento
Don Croxton
Rick Vaughn

Mike Dager
Dino Georgiou
Gary Hoffman

Gerry Kennedy
George King
John Olson

Joe Pallant
Doug Pew
Don Tomasello