Become a GMCSF Volunteer

We need you to keep the momentum going.

We are actively working to build our team of motivated volunteers to support our mission and our music.  We need volunteers to serve as ushers, work backstage, support rehearsals, staff festival booths, support the office, expand marketing, and more! You do not have to sing to be a part of the GMCSF family.

This is what one of our volunteers, Howard Yopp has to say!

"I love this chorus.

I have been an audience participant with the Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida since its inception. I have seen almost all of their concerts and have really enjoyed every one of them.  

Two years ago, I was reading the program from the Christmas show at home when I noticed that in the back of the program they were recruiting for volunteers. I thought that maybe I would like to volunteer with the organization, because they looked like a really great group of guys, and before they all seem to have fun being with each other. I thought I might like to try that, so I called Mark and asked if I could help in the office?  When I came here to meet with Mark and talk about volunteering I put out my hand to shake his, he said that he was not a shaker but a hugger, what a great feeling that was for me and I immediately felt like I found a home.  Mark always seems to find a project for me to do helping them do mailings, spreadsheets, organizing our ads for the chorus in different publications, helping to set up some of the files, and answering phone calls.               

The two other members of the staff, Doug Leib, and until recently, Michael Mendillo, have been such a pleasure to work with. They made me feel right at home.  These guys do a tremendous amount of work putting a concert together, selling and dispersing of tickets, getting ads for the program, working with other volunteers for each concert, and working to get contributions to help sponsor the chorus.  

I am hoping that I will be able to continue volunteering with this organization in the future. I would love to see this wonderful group   of guys multiply so that maybe we would be able to have a few more concerts through the year and be able to enjoy hearing them more often. I am Looking forward to their next concert."